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Mediate Your Life App

Welcome! The Mediate Your Life App is an audio guide to help you when you are in conflict with someone in your life, or with yourself — a clash of differences, the pain of unresolved hurt, a breakdown of communication or connection. 

Listening to the audios, you feel better and find new insights and solutions to the difficulties you face.

Experience more harmony, peace, and deeper wellbeing in your life. Contribute to peace and wellbeing in the world!

It’s like a meditation app, but it helps you navigate difficult conversations and situations while also providing you with emotional support.
— Katie, app user

“Welcome! I’m John Kinyon. The Mediate Your Life App gives a structure of conversation for transforming conflict into empathic connection, cooperation, and new possibilities, as well as experiencing deeper wellbeing – joy, peace, and love.”

John KinyonCreator, Founder
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  • Connect with other individuals on their healing journey

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Transform conflicts into connection with people in your personal, work, and societal life, and with yourself, with empathic communication.

Artwork by MERIT Co. Web Design & Illustration

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A message from John Kinyon, your guide through the Mediate Your Life App

Listen to a clip from the Introduction

“Mediate Your Life is based in the international work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), created by Marshall Rosenberg, and integrates a mediation model, neuroscience, and mindfulness. Nonviolent Communication and Mediate Your Life training have shown powerful and transformative results for decades around the world.”

John Kinyon, Creator of the Mediate Your Life App

Integrating communication conflict consciousness

The Approach

The Mediate Your Life approach offers “conflict maps” for navigating and transforming conflicts in your life.

Observation, Feeling, Need, Request. These are communication components from the international work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a universal language of the heart, a language of life. These components are the cellular-DNA of the conversation maps I offer you in this app.

The app is free to download and use.
And there are options within the app to support this work, if you would like.


What are they?

Conflict maps guide you through different regions and territories in the world of human conflict and challenges with other people and within yourself. The basic structure of the maps is from the field of mediation, where two opposing sides are supported in conversation by a “third side” of the mediator.

This approach gives the ability to take a third side perspective within yourself, the perspective of mindful awareness, to see what we share in common under our differences, and hold an opening for those differences to come together and integrate into new creative possibilities and solutions.

In the app, there are different “bioregions” in the world of human conflict. You are given a map and compass, and are guided through the challenge you face to the other side, to connection and a new world of possibility.

Listen to a clip from one of the Conflict Maps

The app is free to download and use for everyone who wants it.

And we invite and welcome financial support.

By contributing financially you are helping sustain, grow, and evolve Mediate Your Life in the world.

How does it work?

  • In terms of the general format, there are some introduction and overview audios, however in most of the audios you are guided through a meditative experience.
  • You can relax and listen, allowing yourself to be guided to a place of feeling better and gaining new insights and ideas for how to respond to a challenging situation. 
  • The more you listen to the audios, the more you naturally learn and can apply the components, processes, and skills to situations in your life.


The mission, vision, and purpose of this app is a critical mass of people around the world with the ability to use empathic communication to respond to the conflicts and challenges they face personally and collectively, so we can work together to create a healthy, just, and sustainable world with all life of the planet.

The vision of the app and its mission in the world is dedicated to our son Kabir [Sept 26, 1992 – Nov 29, 2022]. His life of service for social justice and his bold, passionate, and courageous spirit embodied this vision.

Thank you for being here, and for being part of humanity learning these kinds of skills and structures to be able to come together and work together to meet the challenges we face. 


Conflict is a natural and essential part of life. It’s how life works to create, grow, and evolve. This is the power of conflict, the ability to transform into new emergent possibilities for the life and world we imagine, in the big and small adversities of our lives, and in the larger societal polarities and great challenges of our time.


"Hi John. Greetings from Dublin. I sincerely want to appreciate you for the incredible work you do on Mediate Your Life. I am so amazed that I can access it as an App. I use it for meditation and during transition moments. It is an awesome, inspiring experience. The stages of the meditation are all very well thought out and appropriate. I am sure that many people will enjoy it and be drawn to it as much as I am. It is indeed a master piece. Bravo John!"


The purpose of a map is to help someone get to where they want to go. But when the terrain is entirely internal, having a map to help guide the way is even more useful. The maps John teaches have not only helped me successfully navigate myself through anger, shame, fear, guilt, and confusion, but also support others through their emotional challenges, deepening the sense of meaning and purpose in my life.

Simon W.

Before NVC and John’s training, I braced for life’s impact. After, I am trusting and curious, open to outcome. Before, frozen and frightened. After, confident and capable. Before, withered and weak. After, self-acknowledged and compassionate. There is not one part of my life that has not been impacted by Nonviolent Communication and John’s trainings, all parts touched with the privilege of learning and living these principles. A warmth of gratitude washes across my heart and a sense of sharp joy pricks in my throat as I lean into John’s essence and all he teaches.

Hope O.

Working with John has been spiritually transformational. This form of communication is a spiritual language and practicing it with John allows for communication to come from the heart. It gives our souls the language it needs to express itself in a way that allows us to be the loving people we are.

Kelly H.