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to support your Mediate Your Life App journey.

A selection of Mediate Your Life handouts, apps, and websites to compliment and support your use of the MYL App.

These resources are offered to enhance your Mediate Your Life App experience and add to the benefits and potentials you can receive.

See below for more information about the Conversation Maps and about live training.

Learn more about the Conversation Maps

Foundation & Conflict Maps

There are two levels of Conversation Maps. 

Foundation Maps (A, B, C, D in green) support and strengthen nourishing connection with self and others and provide a solid base to maintain connection when potential conflict occurs.

Conflict Maps (1-6 in blue) support the ability to navigate conflict when it arises with others and within yourself in the different regions and territories of conflict and difficulty.

Starting in the center of the image of the maps, there is the Self-Connection Practice (A), the inner “third chair” of mindful awareness. Flowing outward from the center, there are the other Foundation Maps — (B), (C), (D), and then further out, the outer triangle of the Conflict Maps 1-6.

Are you interested in receiving Mediate Your Life live training?

John offers online MYL courses, retreats, and programs, as well as an online community and free weekly events.


In the app there are different “bioregions” of human conflict, with different visual images and colors that go with each map to represent a different bioregion. There is also a key emotion that may be present for you that goes with each map. The visual images and emotions are to help you identify, use, and vividly remember each Conversation Map as you apply it to a situation in your life.